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Quality Services
From design to yarn to fabric and to the ultimate piece of ‘magic’ which is the ‘brand’, Young Brand focuses every step of this wonderful journey on design, quality, the product at store and eventually to the wardrobe of a satisfied consumer.
[ Quality ]
Quality, Time Management, Integrity.

Among the shrubs and the startled lizards, engineers toiled with blue-plans and growling road-rollers to set upright a facility that would house professionals and machines. Individuals who would make a difference to CLOTHING. Machines that would hum into life, BRANDS. Brands to be worn by the dreamy young and the wise adult; the child, the woman and the man across oceans. People united by the garments they wear. Every yarn, every thread, every piece of fabric getting converted into a Brand at Young Brand Apparel Pvt Ltd.

Quality Policy
Our company has the support of highly talented and creative team of professionals, who make best efforts to supply range as per the existing market preferences. Their creations are the most appropriate as well as perfect amalgamation of sophistication and style. We have selected them only after examining their skills and talent on varied parameters and assign jobs accordingly. Our team encompasses designers, tailors, production personnel, quality controllers, administrative personnel, warehousing and packaging personnel, logistics experts and others.
Timely deliveries
Timely deliveries to meet customer requirements. Continuous improvement of our processes and systems. Constantly upgrade the skills of our employees to serve our customer better. Exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and performance of solutions.
Quality Assurance
Quality will be monitored from the very beginning stage of the order process. We have approvals, testing, check points and inspections at all stages. Periodical inspections will be carried by our quality department as preliminary, online and final. We also maintain AQL standards according to the specifications.

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Our DEFINITION of quality is CONFORMANCE TO REQUIREMENTS, having specified very carefully the requirements of our customers, our suppliers and our processors.
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